Conference Project Manager

We are evolving to the next generation of the conference business! We aim to be the most contributing conference company in Poland and eventually in the world. We operate our conference center in a funky, unique way and are developing concepts nobody has thought about trying before. We do this for one reason only;

We are energizing growth!

Each morning we wake up with the idea of bringing people together to grow;

  • We love to energize everyone we come into contact with to connect.
  • We passionately connect people to knowledge, other valuable people and above all to unknown possibilities.
  • We inspire people to act, to make a difference, to their business, to the people they work with and above all to themselves!

Each day we enjoy making it increasingly viable for people to meet, share and accelerate their personal and business growth!

For the last 3 years we grew our existing events substantially and doubled the amount of conferences we hold.
Still, we believe that we can contribute considerably more to the Polish business society than we currently do! We already have an amazing team of 70+ people in place and we are looking for progressive people to join and manage our teams!

We constantly inspire each other to raise the bars on our individual performance!

I like to inspire people for their continuous improvement!

I am the captain of the Produce(verb),Product(noun),Production(noun) Ship. I am here to care for, lead and dream up ideas for the improvement of the communities that the business focuses on. In doing so, I’m creating value and empowering the community.

I am on a mission to create a place for meeting for the transfer of knowledge:

  • I identify: The most important impact areas for the community and their businesses.
  • I create: Conference agendas with appropriate content that will energize communities to act, in their business and their personal lives.
  • Realization: To manage the realization of the event I create.

I’m a bright, passionate, charismatic, charming and highly curious person with excellent communication skills:

  • I have a very entrepreneurial mindset and see possibilities of what could be, all around me.
  • I like to understand the (business) world and have a desire to make things happen, having an impact on the people around me.
  • I’m constantly keeping other peoples best interests in mind and helping people around me understand new ideas and make connections.

I like to designs things and be in involved in the construction and execution of my ideas!

I believe I’m a creative, unconventional thinker and I have proved many times I can quickly resolve problems and deliver inventive solutions.

I’m trustful. I don’t easily get stressed and maintain a calm consistency in handling difficult situations, even those of extreme confusion or disorder.

I’m an entrepreneur and I like to develop new ideas and am eager to commit to turn those ideas into reality.


We know that we are extremely purposeful

Each morning we wake up with the idea of bringing people together to grow;

  • We energize everyone we come into contact with to connect.
  • We connect people to knowledge, other valuable people and above all to unknown possibilities.
  • We inspire people to act, to make a difference, to their business, the people they work with and above all to themselves! Each day we enjoy making it increasingly viable for people to meet, share and accelerate!

Your role is a vital role in our organization

We are evolving to the next generation of the conference business and you play an important role into that evolution;

  • You will energize the people in and outside our business to contribute to our purpose of igniting personal and business growth.
  • You will connect to people and develop together, with them, new ideas on how their professional and business needs can be better fulfilled during the conferences you create.
  • You will develop new concepts for inspiring the people you bring together to act in collaboration, developing new ideas and methodologies for “best practice” implementation inside their businesses after the conferences has taken place.

Our values and your role in realizing those values;

We believe in the principle of “High Trust, Low Tolerance”

We trust our people with a lot of freedom within clear set boundaries. In your role you use that freedom to energize yourself. At the same time you work within a limited set of clear rules and objectives ensuring that you stay safely on the right track.

We believe in what we do

We know why we exist and the purpose we serve. We will never compromise on that purpose. You will always protect our purpose.

What counts for the people we bring together, counts for ourselves!

We bring people together to grow and you need to grow yourself all the time as well by;

  • Reaching out to others and constantly opening up your world.
  • Understanding business, professional and personal needs each a day a bit better.
  • By constantly finding new ways to energize the people around you to serve your purpose.

Only if you feel strongly connected to what you read; please read the full Position Description!

Position description

Location: Kraków
Directly reporting to: Director of Projects Management Department

Job positioning within the business:

  • The Conference Project Manager is part of the Projects Management Department.
  • The Conference Project Manager is an important team member of a cross functional collaborative team consisting of marketing, sales, business development and conference coordination specialists.
  • The position belongs to the highly visionary orientated part of the business.

Job Deliverables:


  • Identifying (researching) and incorporating, into the conference agenda, the most important and impactful areas for the community and their businesses.
  • Recruitment of speakers who can deliver “best practice” knowledge matching the actual needs of the Conference Communities.
  • Designing events that are truly impacting the people we bring together. From a content, speaker, design and business connections perspective.

Measure of Success (Aims):

  • Having an innovative, relevant, inspiring and impactful conference agenda, measured by the amount of attendees and their appreciation of the conference.
  • The quality of the speakers and other contributors of the conference you integrate within your agenda. This is measured by the appreciation of the people we bring together on the content of the speakers/contributors and the delivery of the content.
  • The impact the event has on the people we bring together, how well people are energized to put the things they learnt into practice in their businesses.

Type of leader:

  • As informal leader of the Cross Functional Collaborative team; Strongly influencing and inspiring the other team members while constantly building a sense of collaborative team work within the team.
  • As leader of the served conference communities constantly inspiring professionals to follow your movement; by contributing to your research, by accepting your invitations to speak and by joining the events you create. You are a catalyst for change!
  • Having a positive drive to find co-operative ways that lead to the best possible outcome for all. Acknowledges other people’s perspectives, gives the support needed to meet work and personal goals, involves people in decisions when appropriate.


  • You always want to know “what could be” and like to wonder, “if I change this, what will happen?”
  • You always strive for growth or improvement in yourself and the people around you.
  • Your attitude, you
    • Are positive, optimistic, empathetic and therefore, a kind, effective manager of business, people and various situations that life presents.
    • Measure success in terms of engagement, gained trust, and relationships built with the team members and other stakeholders in and outside the business.
    • Value other people’s feelings and get personal satisfaction from helping others.
    • Value harmony and you are good at creating it.
    • Are creative and imaginative.
    • Enjoy variety and new challenges.

Required competencies

  • Great observation (research) skills understanding business situations easily
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Influential

Required competencies (details)

  • Ability to make connections between different pieces of facts and information allowing you to understand difficult concepts and ideas relatively easily. Ability to see many facets of a problem and the best way to resolve it
  • Project-oriented approach, operating quite independently
  • Warmly and genuinely interested in people, have great people skills and are cooperative and friendly
  • Extremely intuitive and perceptive about people and able to relate to people on their own level
  • Service-oriented; likely to put the needs of others above your own
  • Creative and energetic
  • Well-developed verbal and written communication skills

Minimum qualifications
Either you can comply with the following or demonstrate that you can fulfill this position based on different experiences and qualifications.

  • A masters degree in Business Administration, Sales and Marketing, Operations or the equivalent.
  • 3+ years work experience with a minimum of 1 year in a more senior position.
  • High proficiency in the English language with good communication and presentation skills.


  • No budget restrictions, anybody can apply!
  • Salary depends on your expected contribution to the business and on the experience that you bring with you!

Do you feel you can meaningfully contribute to a dynamic team evolving to the next generation of the conference business?

Applying for a job has never been more simple; For the first phase no preparation is necessary. We don’t want you to make any effort to put anything in place. No CV or application letter required! Just use this link https://my.timetrade.com/book/YHWHR to set an appointment for a first 15 minute chemistry check by telephone. Please ensure that you are using correct time zone. There is no need for any preparation for this call! This does not mean that the recruitment process will be simple! We are looking for great “matches” and we will put a serious effort to identify, together with you, if;
  • You are potentially one of us; a person who wakes up each morning with the idea of bringing people together to grow
  • Your personality fits within the unique culture of our business
  • Your skills and experience truly add new value to our business and the people you are going to manage
We are extremely selective and we expect you to be the same! We believe that people should do the things they really like and that each working day should bring joy to life. Therefore we will review your candidacy through your eyes too. We will look at how we can contribute to you, how you can contribute to us and how you can become part of our enthusiastic team, evolving to the next generation of the conference business. Both you and we need to be sure that this is going to work out to the benefit of all stakeholders involved!
  1. Administratorem Państwa danych osobowych (ADO) jest Blue Business Media sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie (02-713) przy ul. Płyćwiańskiej 3/3, KRS: 0000325306 https://bbm.pl
  2. Dane osobowe są przetwarzane w celach związanych z udziałem w konferencji oraz realizacją obowiązków prawnych z tym związanych, zostały zaś zebrane ze źródeł ogólnodostępnych. Podstawą prawną przetwarzania jest art. 6 ust. 1 a) b), f) rozporządzenia Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE (Dz.U.UE.L.2016.119.1) (RODO), przy czym prawnie uzasadniony interes ADO związany jest z czynnościami marketingu bezpośredniego produktów własnych ADO.
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  5. Osobie fizycznej przysługuje prawo dostępu do dotyczących jej danych osobowych, ich sprostowania, usunięcia lub ograniczenia przetwarzania lub o prawo do wniesienia sprzeciwu wobec przetwarzania, a także prawo do przenoszenia danych oraz prawo wniesienia skargi do organu nadzorczego.
  6. W przypadku danych przetwarzanych na podstawie art. 6 ust. 1 lit. a) RODO – osobie przysługuje prawo do cofnięcia zgody w dowolnym momencie bez wpływu na zgodność z prawem przetwarzania, którego dokonano na podstawie zgody przed jej cofnięciem;
  7. Podanie danych jest dobrowolne, natomiast niepodanie danych niezbędnych ze względu na rodzaj przetwarzania może uniemożliwić współpracę z ADO.