CRM implementation specialist

CRM implementation specialist

I’m a natural born influencer!

I’m a catalyst of marketing innovation and as such I’m responsible for the installation, configuration, and support of our CRM software. I apply proven communication and problem-solving skills to guide and assist the different users of the system. Together we are evolving to the next generation of the conference business!

Within the digital marketing department I’m the expert and innovative motor behind the development of contact data and our (digital) communication tools:

  • I lead, develop and execute the design and implementation of a CRM based client segmentation system and build solid recommendations for various marketing strategies. (direct mail, email, digital, tele-communication etc.)
  • Together with the Marketing Communication team I develop, test and implement traditional and non-traditional methods of attracting and retaining clients.

I’m an efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed and inspiring individual.

  • I make things happen and like to turn problems into opportunities.
  • I trust my abilities, I have no problem in sharing my opinion, and I believe in my capacity to influence and impact people.
  • My happiness lies in the joy of achievement, nothing is quite as satisfying to me as removing obstacles in my way to the finish line.
  • I’m a good team player and place a high value on collective work that is focused toward a well specified outcome.

I’m a high performer!

I’m dependable; I don’t get easily stressed and maintain a calm composure in handling difficult situations.

I’m a business athlete and put a lot of energy in reaching my goals. I energize the people around me to do the same.

I’m an architect. I like to designs things and be in involved in the construction and execution of my ideas.


We know that we are extremely purposeful

Each morning we wake up with the idea of bringing people together to grow;

  • We energize everyone we come into contact with to connect.
  • We connect people to knowledge, other valuable people and above all to unknown possibilities.
  • We inspire people to act, to make a difference, to their business, the people they work with and above all to themselves! Each day we enjoy making it increasingly viable for people to meet, share and accelerate!

You are part of the Digital Marketing department playing an important role in our business

The department is the innovative brain of our business, allowing others to grow their performance;

  • We energize our staff to fully utilize the tools we have available.
  • We don’t work for ourselves or in isolation. We intensively collaborate with any staff member using the tools we have available for them.
  • We inspire our staff to act, we transform our passion for solutions into a passion for them!

Your role inside the Digital Marketing department is a vital role in our organization

We are evolving to the next generation of the conference business and you play an important role into that evolution;

  • You will energize and inspire our teams to enthusiastically use our CRM system and communication tools.
  • You will connect our teams to the data and provide actionable insights on the data.
  • You will inspire our teams to act , becoming increasingly customer focused and relevant with their targeted communication.

Our values and your role in realizing those values;

We believe in the principle of “High Trust, Low Tolerance”

We trust our people with a lot of freedom within clear set boundaries. We expect you to be a self-starter, owning and managing the day-to-day activities by yourself. You work collaboratively with multiple teams/roles without the need to be closely supervised. At the same time you comply to a limited set of clearly formulated rules and objectives.

We believe in what we do

We know why we exist and the purpose we serve. We will never compromise on that purpose. As CRM specialist you will strongly contribute to a process in which our communication is at all times perceived as a value added service!

What counts for the people we bring together, counts for ourselves!

We bring people together to grow and your role is to grow our staff by;

  • Providing access to qualified data, allowing them to develop, maintain and share the data and information in a responsible, purposeful and relevant way.
  • Constantly educating our staff on how to intelligently utilize the system and data.
  • Energize our staff to experiment, learn and share findings within the teams, while protecting them from making serious targeting/communication mistakes.

Only if you feel strongly connected to what you read; please read the full Position Description!

Position description

Location: Krakow
Directly reporting to: CRM implementation specialist

Job positioning within the business:

  • The CRM implementation specialist is one of the experts inside the Digital Marketing Service Department, focusing on the deployment of the CRM system and CRM related tools.
  • Works closely with all department heads and staff members with regards to the implementation and usage of the CRM system and tools.
  • The position belongs to the commercial part of the business and is part of our internal service center.

Job Deliverables:


  • Select the new CRM system and CRM software supplier following clear guidelines and objectives.
  • Deploy, implement, oversee and maintain the installation, configuration, and support of the chosen CRM system.
  • Liaise with the CRM software supplier throughout the implementation process and prompt for rectification of any problems or emergencies, during and after the implementation.


  • Plays an important role in the creation of long-term strategic goals for achieving and maintaining high data quality in conjunction with all CRM users, department heads and other key stakeholders.
  • Lead, develop and execute the design and implementation of a client segmentation system inside the new CRM system.
  • Build solid recommendations for various marketing strategies (direct mail, email, digital, etc.) and provide reporting to convey results to the marketing operators.

People / collaboration

  • Transform end-user needs into technical and functional requirements ensuring that all relevant needs are covered in the system.
  • Formulate and conduct training sessions and teaching materials for propagating CRM knowledge throughout the organization.
  • Enthusiastically champion CRM concepts and examples of success to all people in the business, energizing people to utilize the data and systems even better.

Measure of Success (Goals):

  • Technology: The level of technical implementation of the new CRM system including a successful data migration, becoming 100% independent from the old systems and tools.
  • Application: The level at which the tools and system are utilized inside the business by the different departments, also measured by the increased levels of effectiveness and efficiencies of the marketing and sales processes.
  • People/collaboration: The level at which the users of the new system are embracing the new system.

Type of leader:

  • You are not a leader in the sense of managing lots of subordinates.
  • However you are still an important leader inside the business; formally you oversee the proper usage of the CRM system and especially the data, setting clear directions and guidelines for the users. Informally you have the ability to positively influence the behavior of all users of the system and data, energizing and inspiring them to be more efficient and effective.
  • You base your informal leadership on the use of expert power. Others seek you out for knowledge and skills that no one else in the organization possesses.


  • You are a unique combination of a technology and people-person.
  • You are an efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed and inspiring individual.
  • Your attitude, you;
    • Like to generate ideas and possibilities
    • Enjoy communicating your ideas to leaders, other experts and users
    • Are driven to create order and structure, with keen attention to detail
    • Have very high standards of performance, and you apply those standards to yourself
    • Don’t need to be motivated by anybody; you are highly self-motivated and directed
    • Like to be creative, ingenious, innovative, and resourceful

Required competencies

  • Proven experience in the implementation, development and maintenance of CRM systems
  • Project management skills
  • Strong internal customer-service orientation with influential and inspirational abilities turning complicated technology into a pleasant experience for the users

Required competencies (details)

  • Strong knowledge of data management, including data capture, warehousing, segmentation, mining, storing, cleansing and security
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in Marketing Automation
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • The ability to think objectively
  • A mix of creativity and analytical abilities
  • Collaborative skills
  • Experience with training the users on complex IT systems
  • Expert leadership skills

Minimum qualifications

  • At least 5 years of experience with CRM systems of which at least 2 years should be in a B2B environment.
  • A specific university degree is not required, however we expect that you work and think on a high level
  • Fluent English
  • Fluent Polish


  • No budget restrictions, anybody can apply!
  • Salary depends on your expected contribution to the business and on the experience that you bring with you!

Do you feel you can meaningfully contribute to a dynamic team evolving to the next generation of the conference business?

Applying for a job has never been more simple; For the first phase no preparation is necessary. We don’t want you to make any effort to put anything in place. No CV or application letter required! Just drop your name, the position you are interested in and your telephone number by e-mail to Pawel.Tokarczyk@bluebusinessmedia.com, (PA to Managing Director) and within 24 hours we will contact you to set an appointment for a first 15 minute chemistry check by telephone. There is no need for any preparation for this call! This does not mean that the recruitment process will be simple! We are looking for great “matches” and we will put a serious effort to identify, together with you, if;
  • You are potentially one of us; a person who wakes up each morning with the idea of bringing people together to grow
  • Your personality fits within the unique culture of our business
  • Your skills and experience truly add new value to our business and the people you are going to manage
We are extremely selective and we expect you to be the same! We believe that people should do the things they really like and that each working day should bring joy to life. Therefore we will review your candidacy through your eyes too. We will look at how we can contribute to you, how you can contribute to us and how you can become part of our enthusiastic team, evolving to the next generation of the conference business. Both you and we need to be sure that this is going to work out to the benefit of all stakeholders involved!